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Understand the Secret Spiritual Problem Blocking Your Stress-Free Success

Transformative Insights For Service-Minded Professionals to Amplify Your Impact

Attention Service-Minded Professional!

No matter what you actually do for a living, you are committed to creating positive change in the world. You might be a healer, coach, health-care professional, therapist, energy worker, a conscientious corporate employee, or anyone else committed to making a difference for themselves and others.

You’re smart and capable…but you may find that despite your best efforts, you’re still struggling to achieve the stress-free success you desire. In this report, we’ll explore the hidden spiritual problem that is blocking your path to sustainable peace & prosperity, and offer insights to help you unlock your full potential.

Are You Experiencing Burnout, Overwhelm, and the Dark Night of the Soul?

If you are passionate, dedicated, and caring and in a situation that doesn’t fully support you, you may find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and approaching burnout. It feels like a dark night of the soul, which sucks…but the good news is that what it really means is that you’re ready for profound inner transformation that will transform your entire life and livelihood (even though that can be challenging to navigate).

What You’ve Tried and Why It Hasn’t Worked

As someone who is heart-centered and committed to making a difference, you are probably already well-versed in many personal development strategies. You know better than to fall back on your old tendencies to double down, do more, and push through because you know that is what leads to burnout. You may have tried meditation, getting more exercise, and other common strategies for reducing stress, but still find yourself stressed and struggling.

You may also be bumping up against the experience of having greater success means more stress, so you could be consciously trying to find a way through (such as working with a coach), or maybe even experiencing unconscious self-sabotage.

And worse, what used to work isn’t working as well anymore, and it’s starting to use more bandwidth than you have available, which is suuuper frustrating.

The truth is that these strategies only address some of the symptoms; they don’t address the real hidden spiritual problem that is holding you back.

The Secret Spiritual Problem

The stress and struggle you are experiencing is just a symptom of the energy-draining spiritual problem you didn’t even know you had, that is sabotaging you and your efforts.

That problem is that your consciousness is not in line with your soul’s natural expression. Your consciousness has not evolved to keep up with your soul (and maybe also the soul of your business).

This prevents you from getting all of your needs met (needs are needs, not “nice to haves”), including your soul’s needs for being fully expressed and positively impacting the world.

The name for this problem is the Identity Gap®.

Identity Gap®

When you come into the world, you’re wired a particular way for full soul expression. It’s who you really are, your soul. When you are very young, your mind constructs your identity as an interface to get your needs met; this identity is mutable and changes based on experiences, influences, and circumstances. Your identity functions as your interpretation and expression of consciousness. It is your personal experience of consciousness. It’s how you’re being.

Stress & Tension

Through karma (choices and their consequences) and conditioning—because you are always trying to get your needs met—your identity tends to move further and further away from your soul. This is the Identity Gap®: all the stress and tension in life is in the gap between these two. Because the bigger the gap, the harder it is to get ALL your needs met, no matter if those needs are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Energy & Vitality

Furthermore, here’s how the Identity Gap® impacts your energy. Imagine bending a wire into a circle and holding the ends; this circle represents your capacity to channel vital force energy, or vitality, which runs your body, your brain, your bank account…everything.

Now imagine pulling your hands apart—to represent your Identity Gap® between your identity and your soul—so that circle gets smaller. That is your ability to channel vital force energy (vitality). The bigger the Identity Gap® the smaller your ability to channel energy into your life . So you have less energy available, blocking your well-being and ultimately blocking your full potential.

Reality Shaping

Consciousness is all there is. Your identity, the interface constructed by your mind to successfully get your needs met, is your interpretation and expression of consciousness. It’s made up of your past choices, patterns, values, beliefs, attitudes of thought and emotion, automatic behaviors, actions, circumstances, and environmental and social influences. Your personal experience of consciousness is shaped by the perceptions created by your identity. And your perceptions are what create your reality. Thus, your identity creates your reality.

If your reality isn’t filled with joy, energy, support, stress-free success, and you making the meaningful impact you are here to make…then you have a large Identity Gap®. Your consciousness is not aligned with your soul’s natural expression.

What You Need: Inner Transformation for Sustainable Stress-Free Success

Getting your needs met in all dimensions is the key to achieving sustainable peace & prosperity. You have many different types of needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Your business (or career) has needs, too, that once met create a solid foundation that supports you and helps you serve in ways that are bigger, deeper, and more impactful.

Stress is simply a challenge to normal balance. Ongoing stress is a sign that needs are not getting met.

The core need to address is the soul’s need for full expression. If this need is fulfilled, then the other needs of you as a human are necessarily fulfilled as well, including the need to make a positive impact. This is another way of saying that closing your Identity Gap® (the problem of your consciousness not aligning with your soul’s natural expression) meets all your needs.

Sounds easy, right?

Well…simple, yes. Pretty much impossible to do alone, though, because your identity is SELF_REINFORCING. It was constructed by your mind to meet your needs—and one of those foundational needs is the need for safety. The core purpose for the identity is to keep you safe and part of the group; think caveman primal needs of staying warm and dry with your folk safely in the cave around the fire. And your identity doesn’t care that keeping you “safe” is keeping you stuck, stressed, and struggling.

The way you relate to the world is necessarily THROUGH your Identity…which is:

  • Creating that energy-draining spiritual problem that you didn’t know you had, and
  • Generating blind spots,
  • Creating unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors, and
  • Throwing up resistance

You have desires which are your soul’s way of getting its needs for growth and expansion met. And growth and expansion necessarily require shifts in your identity and taking new actions. Which your identity resists. Ever experienced psychological resistance? You can thank your identity for that.

Your identity will prevent you from seeing all opportunities, make it seem like the new action that is required is wrong or too uncomfortable, and will have you settling for incremental improvements. It’ll have you believing that you aren’t worthy of having what you want, and will throw up roadblocks that seem like legitimate concerns.

While new action is required…

Getting a new result absolutely requires taking new action. However, because of your identity, that new action is likely to be either:

  • Not actually aligned with what you truly want (even though it seems like it)
  • Difficult to take, or
  • Seems to backfire or make things worse

So where thoughtful service-minded professionals like you often go wrong is that they either:

  • Double down and push through and force themselves to take new actions
    • which depletes not only energy, but also
    • depletes the limited resource of willpower
    • which eventually leads to backsliding and poor choices, or they
  • Withdraw and use wishful thinking or try to meditate themselves to where they want to go
    • which is a form of spiritual bypassing
    • and often resonates to victim energy.

Those ways are hard, energy draining, and not terribly effective. And most certainly aren’t sustainable.

Starting with Inner transformation is the path of ease

Inner transformation is key to achieving sustainable success and peace. However, it’s not something that can be accomplished through external strategies alone. It requires a deep understanding of yourself, your needs, and your inner workings.

And inner transformation isn’t something that can be done alone, no matter how smart, talented, and capable you are. You’re advanced enough along your journey that you now require support at a different level (especially if you are supporting others).

The Path Forward Without Burning Out: Insights and Strategies

You require a soulful guide (with the depth and intensity to handle your depth and intensity) to lead you through a proven process of:

  • Hearing and communicating with your soul (and teach you to do it too),
  • Clearing of karma, beliefs, and conditioning that are needlessly limiting you, and
  • Expertly helping you navigate the blind spots, self-sabotage, and resistance to keep you on your own unique spiritual pathway to becoming your fully soul-expressed self.

Our process at Mind and Consciousness Institute does exactly that. Additionally, we expertly guide clients to sustainably get needs met (in ways that are functional, generative, and easeful) and maintain balance to avoid burnout and offer insights and strategies for inner transformation in a way that supports well-being and success.

Because we approach inner transformation through the lens of getting your needs met, one of the wondrous things that happens is that it strips away blame and shame so you get traction to shift everything quickly, safely, and permanently.

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