Master Your Existence

Find peace, unlock vitality, and create stable foundations for transformation to a sustainably new life of mastery and success with our spiritual approach to personal development.

We use the tools of mind (including intuition, reason, imagination, will, and emotion) to help you make the internal shifts that create the life you desire. Your path to life mastery leads you to get what you want in your life, body, and livelihood.

Our approach works because we work with what is real, so you get traction and momentum that is sustainable. We integrate multiple modalities, including: Akashic Record reading and clearing, PSYCH-K belief clearing, deep spiritual work through the Imaginal Realm, coaching, education, and more.

Soul Map

There is no one like you. No one else in the history of the Earth has the same soul you do.

Are you ready to meet yourself?

Discover who you really are–your unique mix of energetic qualities–and the aligned ways to express them to maximize your magic, joy, and abundance.


6 page Soul Map report about YOUR UNIQUE MAGIC

Training videos to understand your Soul Map

21 Day Transformation

Are you at the mercy of your resistance?

If so, you may be feeling lost, discouraged, and trapped. The 21 Day Transformation program is the fastest and easiest way I’ve found for my clients to painlessly close their Identity Gap® and jump-start their transformation.

Energy Infusion

Clarity Injection

Doubt Removal

Confidence Boost

Fear Taming

Self Love

Launch your transformation!


Are you ready to get what you want?

Create the internal shifts required for you to create and receive what you desire with ease. To help you do that we use multiple modalities along with deep listening, keen observation, powerful tools, and non-judgmental acceptance.

We offer multiple 1-on-1 packages, depending on the intensity and speed of growth you are seeking.

These individualized sessions result in:



Greater prosperity

Creating balance and equilibrium

Being at ease…no matter what

Addressing root issues

Dissolving problems

Access your own internal guidance

Show up powerfully as you