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Whether you’re someone who ‘thinks out loud’ or endlessly spins ideas around in your head, Heather Clark can quickly distill them into a powerful message. Her intuitive gift means she listens to what you are saying and who you are – and then zeros in on what you mean, but haven’t quite figured it out yet. She saved me HOURS of pondering, thinking, and delaying what I could be using if I knew how to say it. Call her to clarify whatever ideas are swirling around in your head that could be immediately used in your next talk, program, or social media posts.

Debra Kunz

Owner – Center for Deliberate Growth®

Deep listening to Unlock Your PotentialHeather, you are a truly deep and genius listener and synthesizer who conjures up even deeper magic with your powerful potential unlocking inquiry!!! Sooo sooo good!

Aime Miyamoto

Business Astrologer and Business Alignment Strategist

Within 2 weeks of my Business Alignment with you, my income was almost 4 times what it had been. And the best part? Within a month of my Business Alignment, my income was OVER 4 times what it was–and it has consistently STAYED that way!

Betty Schall


What Heather offers is a really easy, painless way to clear some of that stuff without having to be really smart about it. It was very engaging and interesting, and I felt much better when we were finished. In the end, that’s a huge value for me. If you’re in a place of transformation, and it feels awkward and uncomfortable, spend an hour with Heather and feel better.

Mary Wallace Jaensch

CEO – Last Big Gig

Grateful for you Heather! You have a beautiful gift for tuning in and asking the ‘right’ question to bring out greater clarity.

Nat Couropmitree

Creator of the Unconditional Receiving Framework – Heartfelt Business Solutions

You are brilliant! I feel I’m able to trust you so completely, the layer of confusion has lifted and the distractions are just gone. You offer such deep insights and true guidance – you are a gem!

Trish Kapinos


I found myself on Heather’s site and knew within minutes that I needed her help. I was suffering from burnout and it was going on for several years without realizing it. After tests confirmed her prognosis, she started me on a vitamin / hormone therapy; however, soon afterward, Heather became aware of a deeper, more spiritual need. This is where I really started to see a change. As much as I needed the previous therapy for a few months, Heather could sense my need for more spiritual work due to my past and present circumstances. I am so incredibly grateful for this remarkable, dedicated, loving, and creative individual. Her special talents have led me to a more fulfilled and happy existence. I am now working in a career that is ideal for me and my family loves the new “old” original me, the me that was meant to shine since the day I was born. Thank you Heather and God bless!

Lynn J Nagora


Working with Heather is a joy. My soul reading was very accurate and felt in alignment with who I am. Since the reading I have been having wonderful breakthroughs and insights that are bringing me more peace, clarity and closer to my goals.

Sheila Alley

Magnetism Coach

Thank you for an unexpected benefit of our work–I’ve been having trouble with my hip (and am scheduled for a hip replacement)…and now I haven’t needed any pain medication since the clearing. Today I’m beginning to walk without a limp. This is amazing.

M. C.

As a spiritual practitioner, I have been working within the paradigm of ‘Healer, heal thyself’ – but it’s not always as cut and dry. However, I tend to take an approach of simply intuitively trusting that the Universe will put the right people at the right time in my path to help me along this journey. That was the case with Heather and working with her has helped me affirm what I thought to be true and what I understand to be true. The post-session time has started to help me connect dots further and take steps forward that are generative and productive. I’m grateful for her time, caring, and expertise, and I’d happily recommend her to any of my clients or friends. Thank you, Heather!

Alexis P. Morgan

Owner – The Church of St. Felicia

Rescinding those vows of poverty is no joke!  In the 6 weeks since starting the 21 Day Transformation, I’ve already had money show up in three unexpected places. And then I went to have my taxes done today. I’ve never had a refund in my adult life; it’s been so painful.  This year: one month of income worth of tax refund.  WHAT?!?! I didn’t understand how it was working when I always ended up owing money, even after paying extra in quarterly taxes.  I don’t understand why it should be such a big swing now (the accountant triple-checked it because he was so surprised).  I admit that I have a hard time believing that the past life work could have such an immediate and huge impact, but hey, something is working.  So awesome!

Heather Glidden

Owner – Joy Studio

The difference in my energy is profound and wonderful! It affects every single aspect of my life in a positive way. I am really grateful I’ve done the energy learning and work on myself these past years, because I can really feel and trace how different it is. I am not exhausted! I am able to do everything without delays, setbacks, etc. and it’s fabulous for me, my family, and my kids. It’s as if in the past I was a broken-down Jeep with a temperamental engine, sputtering on and off and backfiring, and now I’m a humming Ferrari. Yet I know I have to use the energy positively. I have to take care of myself and my body and everything I’ve learned still applies. It’s almost as if, I had to learn how to treat my body and my energy correctly, before it was given to me this way.

Lisa Marie Smith