21 Day Transformation

Real breakthroughs. In every area of life.

Ever get over a challenge—and then it comes right back?
That’s resistance.

Are you at the mercy of your resistance?

If so, you may be feeling lost, discouraged, and trapped. Resistance crops up from the energy of past choices, karma, patterns, beliefs, and other blocks. The 21 Day Transformation, based on Soul Realignment®, clears all of this. This is an intuitive process that reveals the truth of who you are and removes the deep blocks that keep you stuck, disconnected, and spinning your wheels.

You are a powerful being…and yet you feel stuck.

Why would you be stuck? It’s part of the human experience. You come into the world wired a particular way. It’s who you truly are. It’s your soul, or your truth. Very early in life you learn to act in ways that are not in alignment with your truth, in order to get safety, acceptance, and love. The 21 Day Transformation can change everything.

The 21 Day Transformation starts with a private, one on one session with me. Here’s some great news. I’ll reveal the truth of who you are and who you are not. Together we remove the deep blocks that are stopping you from living a fully expressed, authentic life. This life-changing session gets you powerfully clear and creates an empowered way of living.

You’ll experience deep clarity and a huge confidence boost. You’ll let go of others’ opinions because you’ll not only see the differences between who you are and who you are not, you’ll love and appreciate those differences. You’ll have more energy, more focus, and more freedom. You’ll easily take action without delay. You deserve to stand in your power and claim your truth so that you live an authentic, fully expressed life. When you’re ready to light the fuse to launch your powerful new life, join me.


One 90-minute kickoff session

Two 45-minute follow-up sessions

Soul Map: Learn how you are wired, what you are naturally good at, and what approach will bring you the most abundance.

Soul Realignment®: Clear your blocks and remove the barriers to being unapologetically you, and align with your higher self.

Empowerment Coaching: Apply the Truth of you to real life, connect to your purpose, identify resistance, and transform resistance into results.

Aligned Action: You’ll get guidance and support in taking aligned action, because it is aligned action that aligns you with your desire.

Video Learning: Video learning modules to deepen understanding & give you a frame of reference to maximize our time together.

21 Day Transformation Guide: Your guide to enhance your understanding and help you apply what you now know to what you might do.

BONUS Unlimited email support: Receive the support you need to create and maintain momentum. Enjoy email support with me for the duration of your program.


21 Day Transformation Testimonial

Mary Wallace Jaensch, CEO Last Big Gig

A really easy, painless way to clear blocks. I felt much better when we were finished…that’s a huge value. If you’re in a place of transformation, and it feels awkward and uncomfortable, spend an hour with Heather and feel better.

21 Day Transformation Testimonial

Lisa Marie Smith, CEO Abundant Preneurs

The difference in my energy is profound and wonderful! It affects every single aspect of my life in a positive way. I am not exhausted! I am able to do everything without delays, setbacks, etc. and it’s fabulous for me, my family, and my kids.

Trish Kapinos, CEO Joy Rising

You are brilliant! I feel I’m able to trust you so completely, the layer of confusion has lifted and the distractions are just gone. You offer such deep insights and true guidance – you are a gem!


You’ll get access to video training, receive your personal Soul Map, get your Soul Realignment® session, two follow-up Empowerment Coaching calls, and email access to me for one month.

I work with people of all types–and sometimes that means that I am their first experience of an intuitive reading. These people are sometimes skeptical about what is going to happen, so let me put your mind at ease. An intuitive reading is a different way of accessing information that is available to everyone. In NO WAY is an intuitive reading religious or interfere with religion in any way. The information I access is specific to you, which is what makes it so powerful when you apply what you’ve learned in your own life.

Your Soul Map is specific to you, and gives you more information about how you are wired.  Clients find it easy to use the information contained to make choices aligned with who they really are, know (and how) to take aligned action, and how to create their life in full alignment with how they are wired.

The 21 Day Transformation opens the door…it is up to you to walk through. If you are willing to take action and want to move forward, then yes, this will work for you (and often also in areas of your life you didn’t expect). Many times clients discover that the action needed is actually really simple and relatively easy. However, if you are committed to being stuck and refuse to take responsibility for your own life, then this program isn’t for you.